If you are someone who is looking for a mobile phone with multitasking abilities, then Nokia has just the answer for you. The Finnish manufacturer has released a range of mobile phones under the N series tag that will make you sit up and take notice from the deepest of your slumbers. The Nokia N series mobile phones leaves you with little choice but to be awestruck at its amazing technological prowess that can put even the strongest thoughts of a technological sceptic to rest. The introduction of the N series mobile phones by Nokia has elevated the manufacturer's global status to newer heights, and opened the doors for a broader platform to tune up the innovation think tank.

Nokia has endowed its N series range of mobile phones with state-of-the-art features and tools to provide users with a never before felt mobile experience. Conventional features like camera, music player, video recorder, and Bluetooth are some of the simple goodies that these phones possess. These phones flaunt some of the most advanced imaginable features like high end digital cameras of up to 5 megapixels, ballistic music players delivering pulsating music in numerous formats, photo editing and other utility softwares, and high speed connectivity tools. Phones like the Nokia N70, the Nokia N91, and the Nokia N93 have revolutionised mobile phone technology with their abilities, which take care of both utility and fun. The latest mobile phones to be inducted into the N series family, following the phenomenal success of the pioneers are the Nokia N75, the Nokia N76, and the Nokia N77. Taking mobile phone technology to the next level, these latest entries edge out through the crowd of numerous serious contenders with their own unique and highly smart features like active matrix TFT colour screen, DVB-H based mobile TV facility, and high speed Internet accessibility through various channels like WAP, XHTML, XHTML MP, HTML 4.01, CSS, and JavaScript.

The future of mobile technology is here, and with the introduction of such utility enriched phones in the N series family, Nokia has made a resounding impact for all to behold.



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